What Does Blue Abaco Mean?

Many people ask me about the meaning of my Company’s name. When starting the business, I considered naming the Company something more “traditional” but I found that more traditional names oftentimes were a bit boring and they didn’t do anything to represent the Company’s values. Thus, the name Blue Abaco Consulting, Inc. was born.

The name Blue Abaco is based on a small chain of islands in the Bahamas that I’ve visited several times over the years named the Abaco Islands. People that visit the Abacos typically hear about it by word of mouth from others that had a really positive experience. The Abacos aren’t in the business of trying to compete with the larger commercialized islands such as Nassau and Grand Bahamas. Rather, they focus on providing individualized attention to give their visitors exactly what they need while being very friendly and customer service oriented.

When I talk to someone that has been to the Abacos they typically say they had a great experience and it exceeded their expectations. Based on their positive experience, they often return to the island in the future and they recommend the Abaco Islands to others. I decided to name the Company after these islands because my Company’s focus is very similar.

So… what does Blue Abaco mean? It means I provide my clients with individualized attention and I strive to give them exactly what they need while constantly trying to exceed their expectations. I work with them to ensure they have a positive experience so they won’t hesitate to use my services again and they’ll feel comfortable referring me to others.

If you need help with a valuation or accounting related issue, please feel free to give me a call and see if I can exceed your expectations.

Lisa Swanson