Consulting related to complex transactions

We have significant experience helping companies understand the proper accounting for complex transactions. We know that management needs to concentrate on day-to-day operations and they often don’t have time to do the research necessary to properly account for infrequent transactions. Let us help you so you can concentrate on your daily operations and business growth. We provide consulting services to companies entering into complex transactions such as:

  • Business combinations
  • Equity-linked financings
  • Warrants
  • Stock-based compensation

Our consulting services include:
Whitepaper analysis: We are available to provide a written analysis of the application of accounting principles to your transaction. Our analysis will provide you with the documentation you need to support the proper accounting for your transaction. Clients often find it useful to have this information when they undergo a financial audit since our whitepaper will outline the accounting standards used to determine the accounting for the transaction.

Understanding the impact of a potential transaction: When management is negotiating a transaction, they may not always be aware of the accounting and/or valuation impact that certain transactions will have on their financial statements. We are available to consult with our clients while they are in the negotiation stage to ensure that they understand the effect the transaction will have on their financial statements.

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